VendGuard™ is a division of Copyguard®

VendGuard customers enjoy the benefit of our Copyguard® experience in cost recovery programs.  Since 1982, Copyguard has become the leading supplier to the office products industry for access control devices, coin controllers, debit and rechargeable card systems, as well as custom developed cost recovery and accounting software.  Copyguard has over 70,000 machines operating in North America, serviced by over 3,000 local office products dealers.  IKON, Danka, Minolta, Ricoh, Canon and others look to Copyguard to help meet their customer's cost recovery and access control needs.

Putting our experience to work for you has resulted in being the first to offer:

  • Low cost, monthly service rental program
  • Free product delivery coil exchange
  • Rent credits may apply towards equipment purchase
  • Reliable off-site data management services
  • Real time, "live on-line", internet connected equipment
  • The world’s first vending machine with a patented built-in alphanumeric keypad
  • Automatically & remotely self-diagnostic equipment
  • Triple combinations of connected equipment at half the cost
  • Easily upgrade card reader units to be network connected
  • Neutral third person reporting eliminates purchase orders and insures unbiased, accurate records
  • Detailed product photos insure proper loading
  • Automatic "order link" using EDI or XML
  • Exception reporting by the employee
  • HID Access interface
  • Multi Vend & Time Clocking
  • Instant auto-alerts for service issues