100% Employee Compliance and Accountability:

Why settle for anything less?  Each item is individually vended and the transaction recorded.  Product usage levels dramatically change when everybody knows exactly where each item goes by individual, department, and even job numbers. The VendGuard rental program allows free parts exchange to easily accommodate changes in usage patterns, for new products and seasonal adjustments.

 Increased Productivity:

Each dispensing unit is custom built to best serve the location where it resides.  Trips to the tool crib are eliminated.  Crib attendant time issuing supplies at the counter, counting and ordering stock is saved.  Manager’s time is not wasted performing clerk functions.

 Reduced Liability:

The burden of responsible usage is shifted to the employee where it belongs.  Excuses for not having safety and supply products is virtually eliminated.  VendGuard’s record of 24x7 access provides a "neutral third person" paper trail for your safety incident reports at no extra charge

 Insure Product Availability:

Because VendGuard is a neutral third party managing your supply chain data, you can reduce or eliminate the cost of purchase orders.  Usage data is made available to your designated supply vendor. Automatic reordering without issuing purchase orders will save you and your supplier money.  Supply products are always available where and when they are needed! Ask about "ORDER LINK"

 What Can You Dispense?

Beyond necessary safety supplies and expensive tools, just about anything you can imagine.  In particular, MRO products that cost money at the hardware store but are free at work! In addition to coil vending solutions, Vendguard has bulk product cabinets and a unique locker solution for your "biggest" needs.