Internet Connected Systems
Data Collection and Reporting

Data Collection:

The VendGuard internet connected equipment is live, in real-time, on your network or a dedicated phone line to the Internet.  Up to the seconds usage data is available anywhere in the world, anytime with authorized access control.  The software operating system actually resides at Transentric’s computer center in St. Louis, MO.  The Transentric center is staffed 24x7.  Because the equipment is live on-line, Transentric’s computer is also able to perform remote self-diagnostics.  It pings each dispensing unit every five seconds.  In the event it detects an operating error, service is automatically notified and dispatched accordingly.

The VendGuard Reporting Program is further enhanced by authorized access to “Business Object Software Programs” at no additional charge. This robust software allows you to assemble your data anyway you want in list, charts and graphs with just the click of your mouse.

To take a closer look at the operating software visit the demonstration web site by clicking on  You will need to call VendGuard for the current user id and password.

To see any of the basic internet reports noted below - view them at

  • Machine Master List
  • Item Master List
  • Transaction Master List
  • Transactions sorted by item
  • Employee transaction summary
  • Employee transaction detail
  • Detail by item
  • Employee dollar use
  • Employee item use detail
  • Cost center usage reports
  • Product refill list
  • Employee usage volume