Vend-A-Key & Bulk Product Solutions

Vend-A-Key™ Locker Cabinets
VendGuard offers a unique solution to bulk items with a special locker security system. Here is how it works:

1. The authorized end user vends a non-duplicable numbered key from the vending unit and inserts it into the designated locker to remove the product
2. The vended key is now self-locked into the empty locker
3. After the item is returned to the tool room, it is inspected and repaired for the next user.
4. The attendant refills the locker, removes the Vend-A-Key with a special master key and returns the locker key to the vending machine for the next user.

The vending machine records who, what, when, where and even for what job # if required for the item taken. When the attendant refills the locker, they can log in the time and date they replaced the item. This can also be accomplished with a bar code reader via a bar code sticker on the item as well as inside the locker unique to that locker space. This way you can avoid having your general population handle any expensive bar coding equipment or touch screens.

See prices sheets for current cost and various cabinet dimensions. This system can be applied to virtually any locker combination you desire. Locker rental rates will vary depending on size, quantity ordered and/or length of time rented.

Lockers can be mounted directly to the vending equipment or conveniently located in the next nearest space. Electrical service access is not required.

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Vend-A-Key™ Mini-Lockers (Click for printable PDF)

Welded unit

  • Multi-operational lock key operation
  • Convenient Management Control with separate management control.
  • L-shaped mounting bracket and anchor bolts included for easy installation


Dimensions W x D x H

  • Overall: 19-1/8" x 7-5/8 x 30-1/2
  • Compartment Size: 4" x 6-3/4 x 5-1/2
  • Weight: 91 lbs


  • Box: 20 Gauge
  • Top: 20 Gauge
  • Bottom: 20 Gauge
  • Door: 16 Gauge
  • Spring Piano Hinge: 20 Gauge
  • Shelf: 16 Gauge
  • Handle: 16 Gauge

Locks: Stainless steel assembly.

  • Locks can be activated with key only for free service
  • Key and cylinder easily removed from lock and is owner replaceable
  • Proprietary keys offering a minimum of 16 million changes