Rent, Lease or Purchase? What is right for you?

Why Rent:

Undecided about what this kind of automated dispensing service can do for you?  VendGuard’s unique rental program may be the right way to get started.  Your concerns about employee acceptance, equipment capacity, return on investment, which products to dispense and where to put equipment can all be determine during the rental period without a capitol investment by your company.

Consider these advantages of VendGuard’s unique rental program.

  • Does not require a capitol expense approval

  • Allows you to try before you buy

  • All reporting services and formats may be changed every 90 days free

  • Includes equipment repair cost including parts, labor and shipping, excluding damage due to vandalism, fire or theft.

  • Allows you to easily change the product selection of the machine to accommodate your changing usage experience, seasonal changes and new products for each location FREE every 90 days.

  • Earns credit towards outright equipment purchase with rental commitment two years or longer

  • VendGuard’s Rental Service is the lowest cost way to prove to yourself the total value of an automated supply program for your company

  • Guarantees your monthly rental cost is fixed with no surprise charges!


Lease Or Purchase?
You may purchase outright or lease purchase VendGuard equipment.  Financing terms are available with $1 buyouts.  Extended warranties are available when executed during the original purchase.  Equipment purchases do not include the free parts exchange program.  Operating software services are provided on an annual subscription basis.