Why Workers Want The
VendGuardTM Supply System
... And Like IT!
  • Equipment is user friendly, just like what they have used all their lives to vend products
  • You can see the product before you select it
  • High visibility of equipment demonstrates ''employee safety'' is your company's primary concern every day
  • Supply products are conveniently located in work area
  • No waiting for management or crib attendants to get what is needed
  • Automated cabinets operate 24 hours a day/seven days a week
  • Suppliers are automatically notified of usage so they will not let you
    run out of the products you need and want
  • Access is fast, with cards or passwords
  • Crib attendants can be redeployed for more important jobs.
  • Products, not being used in your area, can easily be replaced by other
    new products for you to try
  • Allowing each employee direct access says you trust them to be